Layout design+ curating ISSUE 01: Othering

Saintbrush is an independent art magazine curated by a small community of creative individuals from Calcutta. Started as an online community of storytelling and art-sharing in 2015, Saintbrush moved to print in 2017, the first issue titled ‘Othering’.

Look inside the spread, here.

Layout design + illustrating – The Temporary Calcuttan

The Temporary Calcuttan is a fictional account of a traveller’s visit to the city and a collection of his notes, scraps of letters, scribbles, doodles, photographs and memorabilia during his stay.  

Published and launched by ISAR Bengal, conceptualized + curated by DhikChik, cover-art by Susruta & Saswata Mukherjee


Concept + Illustration: Red at The India Story 4.0

Red is a series of illustrations depicting a female narrative of  complicated emotions. Defiance, melancholy, solitude, indifference and the other contradictory feelings can co-exist in women but they often find it difficult to accept these dual natures. There’s a struggle between being resilient and fragile, strong and vulnerable… 

Exhibited at The India Story 4.0


Illustration + animation: Fly A Little

Fly A Little is a track from electro-pop duo Paloma & Adil’s  EP ‘Alonely’. Set entirely in monochrome tones, the music video is an exploration of solitude and getting lost in one’s own thoughts. 

Edited by Deep Phoenix, Music & Lyrics by Paloma & Adil


Design + illustration: The Neighbourhood 

The Neighbourhood is a series of illustrations commissioned by UCOI, an upcoming lifestyle & decor store on Hindustan Park. 

The series aims to document the various architectural features and elements that surround a South Calcuttan. 

On a personal note, this was fun to illustrate because I’ve always preferred South Calcutta to its more feudal counterpart in the North

Design + illustration: via Kolkata

Calcutta Travels is a series of illustrations commissioned by UCOI, an upcoming lifestyle & decor store on Hindustan Park. 

The series is a hypothetical look in to the modes of transportation in Calcutta and what they would look like in unlikely places.

Design + exhibit: A House Without Walls 

A House Without Walls is a performance installation piece, curated by Artsforward for the Sabhagar Theatre Festival 2017

The installation presents a dystopian setting in a 1BHK regular apartment, where the audience is given a voyeuristic glance into the private moments of the resident. The door, furniture and household objects have been crowdsourced from various people in the city. 

Read more about it here.

Text design + exhibit: DITO word-drop

DITO India (Drop in the Ocean) dedicates itself to girls’ education and female empowerment, medical care, water & sanitation and social impact ventures. 

The installation was weaved out of words, phrases and sentences that came up during a workshop session with the DITO scholars. Words like ‘soch’, ‘achhi beti, ‘easy’ were taken from their daily struggles, aspirations, where they came from etc.

Crowdsourcing + exhibit: The Memory of Objects

The Memory of Objects is an installation curated by Artsforward for Sabhagar Theatre Festival 2017. A 100 objects ranging from pillows, letterboxes, old telephone sets, gameboys, keychains, torans were crowdsourced from the people Calcutta. The audience were given a trip down memory lane where they can view the objects and read the associated memory for their owners.

Design + illustration: Bingsho Shotabdi Bookstore

Bibliophile cat that is scattered across the bookstore, in various activies and expressions. 

Commissioned by Square Consultancy Services

Wall painting: in collaboration with Mark D’Rozario 

Read more here.

Places & Faces 

An on-going personal project where I draw and insert out-of-context speech bubbles to the various people I meet in the city and my favourite spots. A combination of urban sketching and random doodling.